Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Enclosures

Our company, HAAL Acoustic Enterprise, manufactures acoustic enclosures for virtually any type of machinery and equipment that generate too much noise. For over 25 years of our activity we completed hundreds of noise-reducing projects in many companies across and outside our country, where acoustic enclosures were chosen as the noise deadening solution. Our offer is aimed at enterprises from all branches of industry, even those, where specialist solutions are required, like pharmaceutical or food industries.


  • Commercial - Heating and cooling systems of modern commercial buildings such as air handlers, HVAC mixing plenums, fan enclosures etc.,
  • Industrial - Increasing the safety of workers in industrial and manufacturing facilities by reducing the noise generated by manufacturing equipment, compressors, blowers, power generators etc.,
  • Environmental - Enclosures designed as resistant to weather factors such as snow, wind or rain are used to reduce the noise level of outdoor equipment: ventilators, generators, condensers etc.

We take the individual approach to every new project since its beginning phase, which is the preparation of the Noise Survey. The main purpose of the survey is to define the most effective way to reduce the noise of the given topic and to determine acoustic and mechanical parameters of it. By preparing this survey we can be sure that every acoustic enclosure that we design will not only fulfill its basic noise-reduction function, but it will also meet any other requirements imposed by the investor.


  • Ergonomics - Every acoustic enclosure is designed and manufactured in the way that ensures required noise-reduction efficiency, but at the same time hampers the access to the machine in the least possible degree. Every part of the acoustic enclosure, load-bearing structure included, is easily detachable, making the maintenance of the machine very efficient. In places which the machine is often accessed from, we use various kinds of sliding and rise-and-fall gates (manually or remotely controlled).
  • Technological Requirements - The Acoustic enclosure includes every service opening (doors, gates and windows) that is needed to allow the safe operation (for example inserting the blank into the machine and receiving the final product) and maintenance of the machine. Parameters of the materials used to manufacture the enclosure are chosen individually, depending of the noise spectrum levels emitted by the specific machine. We make sure that the inside walls of the enclosure are laid out with the layer of material that has the maximum sound-absorptive coefficient for those noise spectra, for which the highest normative transgressions occur. We acoustically adapt every service and maintenance opening. To avoid creating the so-called acoustic bridges which decrease the overall noise-reduction efficiency of the enclosure, we developed specialized sealing in the connections between its particular elements. Keep in mind that if the area of not acoustically adapted holes is bigger than 1% of the whole enclosure's surface, its final insulating power will be no higher than 20 dB, regardless of its nominal insulating power.
  • Ventilation - Our acoustic enclosures are designed in the way to make the airflow required by the machine possible. Depending on the needs, we apply gravitational or forced (using silent-running exhaust fans) ventilation. The intake and outtake openings in the enclosures are equipped with proper Acoustic Silencers, which are also designed and manufactured by our company.

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