Acoustic Silencers

Acoustic Silencers

Our company, HAAL Acoustic Enterprise, designs and manufactures absorptive acoustic silencers of various types and usage:

  • fan silencers,
  • ventilation silencers,
  • industrial mufflers and silencers.

For over 25 years of our activity we completed hundreds of noise-reducing projects in many companies across and outside our country, where acoustic silencers were chosen as the noise deadening solution. Our offer is aimed at enterprises from all branches of industry, even those, where specialist solutions are required, like pharmaceutical or food industries.


  • Ventilation systems - In order to muffle the noise of ventilation shafts, generally the silencer is placed in the following sections:
    • between the inlet or outlet of the fan and the beginning of the exhaust or force pipe,
    • between the branching of the channel delivering air to rooms of different purposes,
    • right before the outlet or inlet grille,
    • in some cases, right after the inlet.

    By appending the additional factor to the ventilation system, in this case the acoustic silencer, the air flow resistance increases. To minimize the effect, the silencer should be placed in the zone of the lowest possible flow velocity.

  • Openings of acoustic enclosures - Acoustic Enclosures, which are the most effective way to reduce the noise generation of industrial machinery, often have openings of different purposes (ventilation, operational or utility). The ventilation holes are used to exchange the air inside the enclosures, to lower the high temperature caused by the heat generated by the machine. Despite the air flow in those enclosures being gravitational, or forced (by using fans), the ventilation holes - inlets and outlets - should be equipped with proper acoustic silencers.
  • Environment purposes - Acoustic silencers are used to reduce the noise of air intakes and exhausts that are situated on the outside walls or roofs of the buildings. Outlets of such silencers should be properly directed in relation to the protected zone. Manually or remotely controlled guide vanes and shutters can be also used.


The materials used for acoustic silencers are chosen depending on their purpose (for example, in food industry, we use stainless steel and hygienic certificated sound-absorbing materials), as well as on the type, temperature and pressure of the utilities that flow through them.

The noise-reducing characteristics of the used materials are selected based on the spectrum distribution of the acoustic energy generated by the silenced machine. In addition to the absorptive silencers with wide range of effectiveness, we can also produce silencers that utilize the acoustic resonance effect. Those silencers are characterized by high silencing efficiency in narrow ranges of sound frequency. In general, the mostly designed and produced type of silencer is the combined one. It utilizes the resonance effect and absorbs the acoustic energy.

We take the individual approach to every new project since its beginning phase, which is the preparation of the Noise Survey. The main purpose of the survey is to define the most effective way to reduce the noise of the given topic. The silencer can be an independent noise-reducing device, but it is often a part of much more complex silencing solution. The noise survey includes entirety of noise-reducing problems, along with the individual silencing elements.

We design and produce the acoustic silencers for devices and machines, that are either inside facilities, or outside in the open environment, where they need to be resistant to weather factors such as rain, snow or wind.

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