Acoustic Cabins

Acoustic Cabins

Our company, HAAL Acoustic Enterprise, designs and manufactures acoustic cabins which have a variety of applications. For over 25 years of our activity we completed hundreds of noise-reducing projects in companies across and outside our country, including many acoustic cabins. Our offer is aimed at enterprises from all branches of industry, even those, where specialist solutions are required, like pharmaceutical or food industries.


  • Control rooms - Perfect solution for operators of automated machines and machines that do not need to be frequently interfered with. Acoustic cabins are very ofter situated in the factory halls in close vicinity of machines or devices that emit excessive levels of noise. From inside the cabin, a worker can oversee and control the production process without being exposed to the loud environment.
  • Resting rooms - A friendly and quiet environment inside the acoustic cabin makes it the ideal place for workers to rest in during their break.
  • Measuring rooms, Conference rooms - The cabins can be designed to have better sound-absorptive and insulating parameters, to fulfill more rigorous requirements of such rooms.


  • Since we have our own production line of acoustic panels, we can assort the sound-absorptive and insulating parameters of materials that are used to manufacture our acoustic cabins.
  • The sound-absorptive lining we use on walls and ceiling is hygienically certified, so it can be applied to rooms where people reside for long periods of time.
  • The windows in the walls of our cabins are multilayer. They are assembled from the so-called safe panes with picked thickness, and the way layers are situated in relation to each other prevents the mirror reflection of the light coming from inside the cabin.
  • To prevent the penetration of the sound coming from the factory hall, we equip our cabins with the additional acoustic lobbies.
  • It is possible to design the cabin with multiple floors. It provides the additional space when the factory hall's area is limited.


  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Lobbies
  • Intercoms
  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Wall sockets

Because we take the individual approach for every job throughout the whole project period, we can guarantee that any acoustic cabin we design will meet all technological, architectural and ergonomic requirements imposed by the investor.

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