Noise Control Solutions

Noise Control Solutions

Below we present our full noise control solutions offer:

Noise Surveys are the basis for the following silencing project of the given source of noise. Within the scope of the survey, detailed measurements of noise levels are performed and concepts of optimum noise-reduction solutions with determined acoustic and mechanical parameters are presented. The information about the cost and timeframe are also included. Read more about Noise Surveys

Noise Barriers can absorb sound from one or both sides. They consist of sound-absorptive panels with selected parameters and glazed segments. The barriers can be stationary or mobile, their segments angled at any degree. The barrier's surface can be flat or convex, which gives them the additional ability to diffuse the sound. Read more about Noise Barriers

Acoustic Enclosures for commercial, industrial and environmental sources of noise. They are equipped with doors, windows, service openings, lighting and ventilation. Read more about Acoustin Enclosures

Acoustic Silencers of various types: fan silencers, ventilation silencers, industrial mufflers and silencers. They have individually selected acoustic parameters. The outlets of silencers can be constructed with elements that redirect the noise to the acoustically non-protected side. Read more about Acoustic Silencers

Acoustic Cabins of various applications: control rooms, resting rooms, measuring and conference rooms. They are individually designed and manufactured to meet all the technical and architectural requirements of the investor. They can be equiped with acoustic lobbies that will stop the noise coming through the open cabin doors. They are typically founded on the antivibration elements and are equipped with intercoms, lighting, air conditioning and wall sockets. Read more about Acoustic Cabins

Wall and Ceiling Acoustic Panels

We specialize in comprehensive acoustic adaptations of industrial rooms of any type: office, production and control. The service includes installation of hanging ceiling panels, acoustic adaptation of walls and replacing doors and windows with their sound-absorptive equivalents. The materials we use are hygienically certified so they can be applied to rooms where people reside for long periods of time.

Soundproof windows, gates and gateways

Soundproof gates and gateways of various types: regular, sliding, rise-and-fall. We developed and put into practice an innovative remotely controlled gate rise-and-fall system. It allows us to build sound-absorptive and insulating gates that are exceptionally wide (hundreds of meters with intermediate pillars) and high (up to 20 meters). In case of low rooms, the folding gates can be applied.

Soundproof windows - multilayer, assembled from the so-called safe panes with picked thickness. The way layers are situated in relation to each other prevents the mirror reflection of the light coming from inside. They can reach the sound insulation parameter as high as several dozen dB.